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HelpDeskRealty began over thirty years ago as a call center for a local property management company in Memphis, TN. Since that time our company has grown substantially in both people and product knowledge. Our staff has a combined knowledge of over 60 years in leading the technology for both 3rd Party Fee Managed and Owned properties. We are U.S. based with no off-shore call centers. We currently support over 1400 users on the industry leading vertical market property management software systems; AMSI (eSite/ePO), RealPage (OneSite) and Yardi (Voyager 7s). Our vast knowledge of these products goes beyond just supporting the mechanics of the software. We support every aspect of your business.

Software Partners

HelpDeskRealty has partnered with the leading industry property management software development companies to provide excellent and timely support required by you; the customer.  We provide support to some of the largest firms in the property management business.  With our vast knowledge of multiple vertical market products such as AMSI, RealPage, and Yardi, HelpDeskRealty can resolve your needs by calling a single phone number. 

How We Differ

We differ from the typical support teams because we support three aspects of the customer’s needs:  Hardware, Software, and End-User Support.  We understand your business model and the in-depth policies that set your company apart from your competitors.  By entrusting HelpDeskRealty with your help desk needs, this allows your employees to call one number for all problems.  Whether you have a workstation/printer/scanner, virus/malware problem, bank scanner issue, or a new employee just learning your system, HelpDeskRealty handles these types of issues daily.  We are your all-encompassing help desk.

We understand properties move between ownerships and management companies. Everyone attends the same Apartment Association meetings. Our confidentiality of your intellectual properties is unwavering. Often times we support a property under one management company/portfolio and a month later the same property is supported under a different management company possibly using a completely different software application. We can assist your users in the transition between software products which allows less stress and continued accuracy during these transitions. Often times during the acquisition of properties, the hardware needs vary when equipment is inherited or new product is purchased. Our technical hardware team can assist in all aspects of the transition.

HelpDeskRealty goes beyond the typical software/hardware support and provides the integration between your front end and back office applications.  We work with the technical teams of your vendors such as CoreLogic, Yieldstar, On-Site, etc so the integration is as seamless as possible. No getting passed around the channels of the support world.

One phone call!

  • Think like a customer, Act like an owner. Customer service is an art, not a science. 
  • One Mission; One Goal – Aligned with your vision.
  • Keeping information and technology together for maximum efficiency.
  • Getting support should not be as difficult as the problem you’re facing.

Focus on your business, not your IT.


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