Your business demands results. 

Those results should not be a hassle to produce. Let the experts at HelpDeskRealty provide consultations to you and your team to find the path of least resistance to get those results.

Network Assessments

You need your network running smoothly and securely. Any faults with the equipment or improper setup could result in efficiency loss and costly delays. Security breaches are common and if left unattended could cause potential problems for your clients, employees, residents, and yourself. Let HelpDeskRealty take a look at your network configuration and give you practical options to help you maintain a stable network.

IT Equipment Audit

You may not know what type of equipment you have or would like it spelled out what type of condition your equipment is in to help you prepare for the future. Let HelpDeskRealty look over your devices and computers. We provide you with the right type of information to make informed decisions:

  • How old is your equipment
  • Are you in need of upgrades
  • What type of equipment could help
  • How much longer will your equipment last
  • What’s compatible with your Industry software
  • Why do your systems seem to run slowly

There are a multitude of reasons you may want us to take a look at your systems and ensure everything is up to par.

Security Planning & Disaster Recovery

Security is paramount when dealing with sensitive information. Whether it is payment processing or handling personal info, it is crucial to ensure that information is safe guarded. Security starts with you, but there are great products and services available to help you. HelpDeskRealty can review your current security situation and advise on how best to bolster your defenses.

Viruses, malware, ad-ware, trogans, ransomware… it seems everywhere you look there is a trap waiting to infect your systems. Let us help you to put best practices in place and ensure your connections and security software have your back.

Despite your best attempts, sometimes your systems will still get compromised. Are you confident that you can recover from a crashed computer or disaster? Let us give you that peace of mind.


Focus on your business, not your IT.


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